Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hi darling!

really miss uols so much.
hope that still not late for me to say *hepi hari raya!*
not say i'm bz but acting likes one..hahha

actually, i lost my words dear.
dunno what to write yet to think.
got lot of story...but it seem like i'm losing my mood again&again.
yes. no improvement at all.
get up early in the morning, go to work, 
go back home-sleep.
boring isn't it?
so, i guess u guy can recommend some xtvt that i can do.
so that i'm having something exciting..happening..
that's just sound like me!

anyhow, please meet the lazy-to-write-me,
 ofcos muke afta punch card..hahah

n raya style ;) to go.
till then. may Allah shower happiness to us.


Grace Arabella said...

hi lazy-to-write!

i'm eager-to-read!

AnEs said...

hihihi..busy no keje cik adik ni..

Nona*maNis said...

hehe.mem bz kan diri supaya xpk psl bnd yg sedih.

Nona*maNis said...

eager to read eh..
i rindu la nk hg out dgn u n ayu..
feel so lonely..ekeke

zati embong said...

wah2 anggun gitu d hari raya,hihi

Nona*maNis said...

tq jat! hehe
*ade org cko mcm bju pregnant..yeke?