Thursday, August 11, 2011

happy fasting guys!

it's long time enough i think didn't put my words here.
and i really missed u guys!

btw, HAPPY FASTING ya! heee :P
better late than never ever :P

gooD to hear that every One really enjoy fasTing time, am i rite?
ok. giler lama tak upload gamba ;)

tapi picture half of me je k.
i forgot that i didnt capture even one for me.
oh,btw i'm losing 5kg ;)
& ramadhan really a blessed that i enjoy do tarawih ;)
so, take a look my little giant! opps. again. little :P

 little ya? :P

 can u see me?atleast got fingers there! 

 he & she ;) 

banyak kan nasi arab ni?
with tasty,reasonable price, please do taste it @ bangi.
shop name? forgot la.. LOL~
oo..yaa..just beside the tutti frutti :)
got to go guys.see u n happy fasting again!

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zati embong said...

selamat berpuasa mira!hihi