Saturday, October 29, 2011

long break :P

yes.afta a really long break,doesnt matter hand or foot :P
finally, i got myself a time to write something for you guys.
indeed there's a lot of stories to be shared yet to face on.

i'll off to be an eng @kenseisha soon.
it really a place where i learn the working life there.
in almost 1year its a lot i learn,
the time i shared, the moment of happiness & sadness.
all range of people i meet.
from the foreign worker use to be the opt until the BIG aunty of the company. :D

my feeling?ofcos i'm sad!
i got to leave my superb duper department which support me,
encourage me that teamwork is where happiness are shared.

u know what.. i learn how to manage event :)
how to manage people feeling :)
how to talk to important people! yes. i did do that.
i also have a friendly seniors except one which i guess veryvery *friendly* :P 
one that taught me 'you need to be independent' :P
a boss that remind me of being navy cadet again :P

thanks to all.
for all the knowledge that been teaches .
for all the moment that been shared .
for all the thing that you do that develop me now.
it's really a pleasure meeting u guys .

kak nora, kak ida, cik azlan, kakpah, kaknor

n  oso kak chumy :)

BIG thanks!

& i really hope i get a job ASAP. :)
do pray for me ya!
it's not that i'm quitting it.
believe it or quitting itself. LOL~

what so ever . i hope i get a job which better than now! soon :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

one minute!

i'm just online from the office.
better make a quick ones!
lunch comes to the end soon.

btw, i really sound like depressed this 2,3,4 weeks..
i know he too..

please do pray for us as this will be the toughest time ever.
o Allah, please help us going thru this perfectly..
n give us some patience! :)

insyaAllah..soon will be.