Saturday, April 16, 2011


please be informed that today is mom's bday!
happy bday mak!
sronok mak tahun ni celeb8 bday kat mekah~ :)

and also today i've already get on the road my FL. 
however kaki pendek nk tekan minyak..aiya...hahaha
whatsoever..someone's so touching saying that afta this i'll not going to work with him anymore!

then..finally..there's something come across my mind this week.
since not having hp rite now.

which one is better?
this one..

OR this?

nak 2-2 bley ke?
sebab both are sgt beshhh!

sape nak kasi adiah bday saya?
*sila angkat tgn!*
ohh..sgt xmalu! :P


~ L.Y.A.N.A~ said...

myra cyg... long time no c la..hehe.. bz ke?

myra ambil HTC.. kak emy pakai Legend.. mmg best!!

zati embong said...

hihi smsung la mira!hihi

Grace Arabella said...

dear! tahniah got new baby!
ble nk bwk i ronda2?