Wednesday, October 21, 2009

oo...mong ryong arr...i love u!!!!

it's all about my sassy girl...huhu..basically choon hyang falls in love with mong ryong and his family while living with him but mong ryong is still infatuated with chae rin. choon hyang motivates mong ryong to study and get into korea university so he can be with chae rin. He and choon hong both get in. Meanwhile, hak do starts falling for choon hyang and notices her being hurt by mong ryong (because of mong ryong's feelings for chae rin). choon hyang can't stand being hurt watching mong ryong and chae rin anymore and proposes that they break up. mong ryong's father won't let them divorce however so choon hyang just moves out. choon hyang's mom takes her tuition money and gets conned so choon hyang has nothing to pay for tuition fee but she does not want to ask mong ryong's family because his mother is always looking down on her.

choon hyang doesn't get to go to university because she isn't able to pay the tuition. she lives with her mom in a small place in seoul and sells jewllery she makes herself for a living. mong ryong doesn't find out about choon hyang's situation until the first day of school when he realizes that she is not there. choon hyang's friends are angry at him and refuse to let him know where she is. during this time hak do helps choon hyang a lot. finally mong ryong finds out where choon hyang is from her friend whom tells him that choon hyang left because she likes him and runs to find her only to find jae hee proposing to her. choon hyang declines hak do' s proposal however.

mong ryong sells off his father's beloved ancient sword and has nowhere to go - he ends up staying with choon hyang. the two spend more time together and he starts to realize that he loves her. he breaks up with chae hin and after much misunderstanding the pair finally gets together. however, chae rin and hak do devise a ploy to separate them. finally to protect mong ryong choon hyang is forced to leave him (divorce) and go to jae hee. mong ryong does not understand why she left and is heartbroken. on the day she is supposed to leave for japan with hak do choon hyang runs away.

several years pass and choon hyang now owns her own successful jewellery business in fu xian (sp.) mong ryong has become a investigative detective. all these years neither mong ryong nor hak do have forgotten choon hyang. choon hyang's friends get married and she shows up at their wedding and then leaves secretively. jae hee spots her and later choon hyang's friends spot her on their wedding video and tell mong ryong.

after clearing up misunderstandings and getting rid of bad guys the two finally get back together and get married again. hak do finally understands there are some things that are impossible no matter how hard you try. chae rin comes back from overseas and is engaged.


Grace Arabella said...

sgt pjg
tggu i bosan bru i bace k

~myRa Da pRinceSs~ said...

hahahha...tau sbb pe pjg...
i c&p je.. ;p